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KC500 Purple Nitrile Gloves – Sterile, 50 Pair/Pkg ...- luvas de nitrilo roxo kimtech science kc kc500 ,KC500 Purple Nitrile Gloves – Sterile, 50 Pair/Pkg - Halyard Health. Purple Nitrile Dental Exam Gloves are a latex-free, high-fluid protection glove perfect for root canals and dental extractions. They are powder free with textured fingertips to enhance …KIMTECH SCIENCE* Purple Nitrile Xtra Gloves / Medium ...Air Freshener. 06184015 - KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL Fresh Fragrance - Refill / Clear /300ml; 06182015 - KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL Energy Fragrance - …

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Contamination from the mouth area provides an immense risk to products manufactured in critical environments due to the high level of micro-organisms and ionic contaminants in saliva. The Kimtech™ A5 Sterile Integrated Hood & Mask simplifies aseptic gowning to save time and reduce the risk of contamination.

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Powder-free, latex-free gloves provide the protection of nitrile with sensitivity comparable to natural rubber latex.Gloves provide an additional layer of defense for individuals handling hazardous materials as well as protecting sensitive substances from being cross-contaminated. These disposable or reusable garments can be designed for ambidextrous flexibility or hand …

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Kimberly-Clark™ Kimtech™ Purple Nitrile™ Ambidextrous Gloves Offering the highest protection of all Kimtech™ gloves, Purple Nitrile™ gloves are latex-, silicone- and powder-free. Textured fingertips and beaded cuffs ensure strength and sensitivity, and the gloves are also anti-static and food contact approved.

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Kimtech ™ Sterling Nitrile Gloves guard against contamination by chemical splash and micro-organism hazards, delivering seamless protection when and where it counts. The powder-free gloves are ideal for use in research and production facilities for forensics, life sciences and non-sterile drug manufacturing applications.

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KIMTECH SCIENCE* Ultra Blue Nitrile gloves . The KIMTECH SCIENCE* Ultra Blue Nitrile Glove family offers a comprehensive range of gloves suitable for use across a range of non-sterile applications. The additional length of these gloves will provide an extra level of protection.


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KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* Chemical Name Permeation Time (minutes) ASTM F739 Permeation Rate (pg/cm2/min) ASTM F739 Concentration Color Code Rating Acetaldehyde <1 353 99.5% Acetic Acid 5 482 99.7% Acetone 1 466 99.5% Acetonitrile 1 329 99% Acrylic Acid 1 57.8 99% Ammonium Hydroxide 7 395 30% Amyl Acetate 4 261 99% …